Be Better

Walking with God takes a daily commitment. You have to make a conscious effort to simply “Be Better”. Sometimes I wonder what this whole “Being Better” really means….

One of the gifts that God gave me that I struggle constantly with is the ability to love and see people as how GOD created them to be. Not who they come across as being. Not who they think they are. But as who GOD made them to be. The person that walks hand in hand with who they are at their core.

Do you know how frustrating it can be to see who you truly are and then to have my eyes have to look upon who you currently “THINK” that you are and thus want to continue to be? Its maddening sometimes and it has caused some friendships/relationships to end. Having someone like me love someone like YOU at that level is frightening and I have had people walk away out of fear and others simply have to be yanked away because they abused this type of love.

For years I always thought something was wrong with me. I never understood why it was so hard for me when it came to love and many of the friendships that I thought were genuine to survive and then one day, it hit me like a switch had been turned on. Here I am, complaining about how people are treating me when my relationship with people is a direct mirror of my relationship with God. Here is the Divine One, loving on me and I am ignoring Him to love on His People the same way that He is loving on me. Yet, the difference between God and I is Christ. Christ covers God from seeing who WE THINK WE ARE and allows God to see WHO HE CREATED US TO BE. 

How beautiful and amazing is that?! Mind blowing right?! Who God created me to be is in tuned with God’s eyesight but I have to seek the ONE who died and covered me, to learn how to be able to walk this path. I guess it goes back to my original prose at the beginning, what does this “Being Better” really mean?

For me, Being Better means that I wake up and I consciously make an effort to Love not myself but Christ/God first. Making that effort to stop looking at my problems and thus look to the One who has the Blueprint to my life, I’m able to let the problems that I think are there to fade away from my view and I can build the only relationship that matters and that’s the one with my creator. For when I learn how to love the Creator, then I can love myself, and then I can love His Children without the frustration because Love is the Answer. And Love is the Key. And through Love, lives can change for the better and people can learn how to see who God sees…. it takes work but who doesn’t want better for their lives? 


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