Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

I enjoy all types of music. I fully believe that music is medicine to the soul just as much as laughter is. Some days I will be in a mood to listen to music that is uplifting and spiritual and other days I want to listen to music that will have me “crunk”. One of these “crunk” songs is Trinidad James’s “All Gold Everything” the Remix. The part that I like is where he raps “Don’t Believe Me/ Just Watch”.

That part gets to me because it makes me think of a conversation that I had with a friend. I was talking to her about how Actions speak LOUDER than words. Our conversation dealt with the words that people say and how many people want to hold someone to their words but never really examine their actions. I was telling her how one of the truest things a friend could tell me was that Actions speak louder than words and that my words didn’t matter if my actions always fell short.

I was telling my friend that this is how smooth talkers get into your life and manipulate situations because people are so focused on words. Words have power but your actions have greater power. Sometimes it is the silent actions that make the most impact. I can tell you that I love you but if I never show you love through my actions, then what does it matter? I can tell you that I am going to do the work and have done the work but if I haven’t produced the actual work, then my words don’t matter.

A person could say that they are committed to your marriage, to your relationship but if they don’t show their spouse, their significant other that they are committed, if they step out on them with someone else, then their words do not matter. This is not to say that you should not listen to the words of someone but you need to measure their words by their actions. A person should strive to make sure that their words are a reflection of their actions.

Life is a journey that is shaped by moments. What will you be remembered for at the end of your journey? Will you simply be known as the “big talker” and have little to show for it or will your actions blaze a trail that speaks for generations to come, way more than your words could ever do. Take today to focus on the picture that your actions are painting and then look at your words. If they are not lining up, stop talking and just let people WATCH. Then they will see and believe the truth that you have spoken over yourself.

Don’t believe me? Just watch!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

  1. This is a very poignant blog post. I love it. Sometimes all it takes is for us to just do rather than say. Just do it…that will speak louder than anything you say and it shows perseverance, consistency, and commitment.

    Great point! I’m looking at that song in a much different light now 🙂

    • Thanks Doc for the comment. I feel the same way. One of the greatest workshops I could partake in dealt with creative writing and music and listening to a song and just writing down what you see and sometimes I try to do that. I try to listen to music and take away what I see from it and when I hear that song, yes, it is a little more “urban” than what people will assume that I listen to but I found that meaning in it. People doubting the heights that he could rise to and he turned it back around telling people that if they don’t believe him, then just watch. As Nike says: Just Do It. In life you have to have a Just Do It attitude at times.

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