Being Authentic Is Beautiful

When someone thinks of “authentic”, they tend to think original. Something that is not a copy nor fake. When I think of Authentic, I think of being original, being your true self. In the culture and society that we currently live in, people want to use the term “being real” to translate for “being authentic”. However, few people are truly authentic. Few people are truly “real”. Social media and reality TV have set a standard where being “controversial” is more important than staying true to your inner self. Being what the viewers want is more important than who you truly are. Putting on a facade, a mask, and being fake and/or a carbon copy of another is what will sustain and provide you happiness.

I had dinner with a friend Saturday and during the course of our conversation, we touched on the subject of relationships. She stated that she may be old fashioned but she doesn’t want to share of herself, of our body, of her spirit with just anyone to fulfill a pleasure. She wants friendship, companionship, and a life partner, a spouse. If a guy she meets is not willing to wait, then she is going to give him the deuces. She continued to state how our society has made “easy” the new attraction. How because men can find women who are willing to compromise, that many men are not willing to wait nor put in the work to get to know her even though they state they want a woman who is original, who stays true to her standards. Who is Authentic.

As I sat there and listened and shared my same sentiments, I had only one thought: Being Authentic Is Beautiful. My friend and I are in the late 20s, early 30s age bracket. An age bracket that a couple of decades ago, would be focused on settling down and building a life but nowadays is just focused on what others are doing and being “like them”. Society has strayed so far from what is “real”, that “fake” is seen as truth. As I listened to my friend continue to share about her desires and how she knows that she can get what she wants, I smiled because she could falter and become a carbon copy like many of the women in the city she resides but she made a choice to be authentic, to be her original self. I know that people look at her, at her natural beauty, and pass judgement. I know that people look at her and think that she must compromise herself on some level in order to have the things that she has. They look at her and believe her success is due to her looks and her personality but its her character, her desire to be Authentic as to why she is where she is. She is beautiful because she is authentic and Her Authentic is Beautiful. I applaud her for that.

As we were walking to her car, I noticed how men admired her and made comments but none of them she heard as we walked and talked. I laughed at their attempts to get her attention. She is so focused that she just doesn’t even hear them. Then a thought hit me; When you are authentic, when you are an original, your vision tends to get to a place where things that are unoriginal, fake, carbon copies of others just do not come up on your radar as you don’t have time to entertain the fake-ness and empty copies of the world. Some many consider a person stuck up/full of themselves but when an original becomes surrounded by copies, it runs the risk of becoming blended into the crowd and losing its originality.

So I say all of this to declare this: Being Authentic Is Beautiful, So BE YOURSELF. BE WHO YOU ARE AT THE CORE. DO NOT COMPROMISE. DO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF WHO YOU ARE. IF you do, then you lose because Being Your Authentic Self Is Beautiful. YOU WERE CREATED TO BE ORIGINAL. SO BE THAT! 


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